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In Search Of The Chosen One: Sir. Azuka Okwuosa Is A Symbol Of Unity, Rallying Point And A Beacon Of Hope

By Johnpaul Anih, 26//4//2021

Ten attributes that stands Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa out and distinguished him from others.

  1. UNIFIER: Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa is a beacon of hope and prayer answered for the long surfering members of APC in Anambra state, anyone who have been monitoring events in Anambra state APC for long should know that when things are difficult, sir Azuka Okwuosa will be called on to come and profer solutions and when others recline to their shelves,Azuka will always say like the biblical son of God here I am send me

Azuka Okwuosa has no enemy among the Waring leaders of the party in the state and therefore is a better choice if we truly want to go to awka government house in 2021 with one voice,mind and unity of purpose.

  1. Antidote for the problem in Anambra state APC:

Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa rescued the party during our round table discussion with the vice president Prof Yemi osinbanjo in Anambra state ; when all the leaders of APC in Anambra state could not agree on a single person to share the summit committee as a result of diverse interest ,Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa was called upon to come and save the situation and to the surprise of everyone all the leaders agreed that the choice of Azuka Okwuosa is acceptable bcs of his neutrality and acceptability, such a person is what we need at this point in time to get the desired and ultimate result which is forming the next government in Anambra state.

  1. Sincerity and simplicity:

Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa is an easy going man, a peacemaker, his simplicity is second to none. Azuka abhors choas and acrimony hence his consistency in restoring peace and harmony in crisis situation and environment. Recall that the war between Aguleri and umueri in Anambra East LGA of Anambra state was brought to an end through a conflict and resolution committee headed by Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa. Such a person is what is needed in our party APC to unite the Waring leaders and in Anambra state as governor to restore people’s confidence in government.

  1. Accessible:

Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa is not like those leaders who hardly picks calls after election except when they want to use you and dump you,he is always accessible by both the rich and poor. Such a man is needed in the leadership of Anambra state at this point in time.

  1. Sacrificial Living:

Hon. sir Azuka Okwuosa’s Life of sacrifice for the party in Anambra state and to humanity at large is unquantifiable,he is a founding member of APC and has consistently remained in the party even when he gained nothing he continued to spend his personal resources to support the party both in his Ward Irefi oraifite,in his LGA ekwusigo and Anambra state as a whole after the 2017 governorship election in Anambra state, all APC leaders returned to their private business but Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa and his team moved round the state and spent over two months trying to find out how we lost in the nearly won election and he indeed discovered the immediate and the remote cause of our problem therefore, it is better to allow him to solve it by queeing up behind him in the coming election bcs he has the capacity and the technical know- how to lead APC to Aguawka government house come 2021.

  1. He has deep knowledge of the political system:

Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa haven served as an executive chairman of old nnewi north LGA and a former commissioner is no longer a learner in the field of governance; let us give him a chance to fix our state once and for all by allowing him to fly APC ticket in 2021

  1. Servant leader:

You can not come across Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa without seeing an embodiment of meekness and humility yet filled with wisdom and knowledge of what to do in every given circumstance

  1. The lover of the rich and the poor:

Azuka Okwuosa is of high class in terms of societal rating and equation yet, he is classless in his relationship with people as he sees both the rich and the poor as the images of God (imago dei) that deserves respect, care and utmost attention.

  1. Standing in the Gap for APC members in Anambra state:

Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa has been consistently and secretely pleading for Abuja to come and take care of APC members in Anambra state; just last week, a stakeholders meeting of APC leaders in Anambra state with some APC governors and ministers from other states as observer was held in Abuja on how APC can win Anambra state. It was Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa that stood up and declared that until the party members in Anambra state are empowered and taken care of that our problems remains.
Earlier before that he has made case against a planned dissolution of the entire party structure in Anambra state for a caretaker committee. Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa was of the opinion that what is needed in Anambra state APC is not dissolution of the existing executive committee but empowering the party members and giving them the needed support as the party that controls the presidency.

The man, Sir Azuka Okwuosa is like Moses for Anambra state APC who stood in the gap for the isrealites of old in their desert journey to the promise Land .
No wonder prophet Ezekiel said that the Lord God Almighty will raise for us a prophet like the Moses.


When you see Hon. Sir Azuka Okwuosa you see capacity, confidence and courage; he delivers speech without a written or prepared documents which is an indication that he has an industry in his head .
My brothers and sisters, if God want to save a city, he gives them a prophet, we see in Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa an answer to our prayers, the totality of divine package and code for the liberation of Anambra state.

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