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Just In: Kingsley Eze Suffers Humiliation In Court Today, Over The Case He Instituted Against The Enugu Commissioner For Lands

By Johnpaul Anih, 24/2/2021

The Federal High Court sitting in Enugu today disgraced, embarrassed and humiliated Mr Kingsley Eze of the Private Estate international west Africa (PEIWA) on a case he instituted through the Police against the Commissioner For Lands Enugu State, Dr Surv. Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam.

At the sitting today, the lawyers from the office of the Attorney General of the Federation, informed the court that they were informed by the Attorney General of the Federation to ask for adjoinment so as to enable him review the case.

Ruling on the oral application, the presiding Judge lambasted the prosecution and Mr Kingsley Eze and ruled that the case is not a Federal case in the first place.
She stated thus ” I have studied the gamut of this case file and have understood that this case is not a Federal Case, it is a state case which should be in the state high court. I hereby transfer the case file to the State High Court of Enugu State through the office of the Attorney General of the state. Anything or review you want to do, should be by the State Attorney General.”

Efforts by the Prosecution Counsel to react or talk to the court was rebuffed by the presiding Judge who informed the prosecution that her decision is “Fuctus Officio” which means that the case cannot be reopened again.

In an interview, some legal luminaries in the court premises maintained that the decision of the court today is a victory for rule of law. They stated that the Judge noticed that the prosecution and Mr Kingsley Eze are misleading the court by bringing the case to Federal High Court abinitio.

They stated that the case cannot survive any scrutiny by any court as it does not hold any water describing it as a big blow to Kingsley Eze and his Syndicate of Land grabbers.

They however explained that it should be Enugu State Government that have to as a matter of urgency prosecute Mr Kingsley Eze and his company for TAX FRAUD AND LAND FRAUD.

Responding, the commissioner for lands Enugu State Dr Surv. Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam who was personally in court described what happened in court today as victory of light over darkness. He stated that he will never be deterred in his efforts to making sure that Enugu State gets rid of land grabbers. He described what Mr Kingsley Eze and his company did to Enugu State as on of the greatest fraud in the history of Enugu State.

Dr. Nnam thanked the Enugu State Governor Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for standing by him as he passed through his travails and assured Ndi Enugu that he will not disappoint them.

It will be recalled that Mr Kingsley Eze and his company, had sworn to destroy the high reputation of the Commissioner for lands Enugu state who in the discharge of the duties of his office through the mandate of the Governor of Enugu State discovered a monumental land fraud perpetrated by Mr Kingsley Eze and his company Private Estate International West Africa (PEIWA) in which Enugu State government lost over 4billion Naira in both ground rent and premium.

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