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Kangaroo Suspension: The Endless and Self Induced Crises In PDP Ward 5, Enugu South LG:

The Endless and Self Induced Crises In PDP Ward 5, Enugu South LG: My Personal Opinion

By Johnpaul Anih, 23/2/2021

The political conspiracy to oust some stakeholders is heading into self implosion and extinction. It is simply ridden with internal squabbles, backstabbing and hegemonic struggle among actors without any plan for their followers.

Many had thought that the mantra which ushered in the current leadership of the party in Ward 5, Enugu South was well intended and committed to addressing problems but sadly, such intentions have become utopian and delusional.

Ndi ward 5 in Enugu South LG are gradually losing hope in the current leadership of the party in the ward, while those who contrived, connived and birthed the current trouble are now tired and frustrated with many already gone out of the party and others still hanging onto the party as a shield.

Iam forced to say that the current PDP leadership in Enugu South Ward 5, represent hardship, oppression, heightened crisis, decline in cohesion and reenactment of Political chauvinism.

This represents oppression, mal-administration and backwardness. The non Committement of leaders and stakeholders of the party to the cause of genuine PDP members in the ward is of great concern.

It would be trite to say that the PDP stakeholders of Enugu South in Ward 5, bask in mercantile mentality; their committement inclining majorly on percuniary interests notwithstanding the party objectives to be fostered and achieved.

Some stakeholders of the party in the LG are more interested in dissolving than working hard to unite all shades of opinion and Interests.

We can not look the other way and allow some people who see themselves as lords decide for the party in the LG without giving the generality of Ndi Enugu South the opportunity to air their views as democracy predisposes.

It is out of this and my personal conviction that we can only make changes in the society if we do things differently, for it is foolhardy to act the same way and expect a different result.

The kangaroo suspension of the Enugu South Local Govt Deputy Chairman Hon. Sandra Onyia, Ward 5 Councilor Hon. Barry Ani, Hon. Sunday Ugwu amongst others is a conspiracy and a calculated attempt by few who felt threatened by their presence, to silence them.

My questions;

It is on record that some people together with the Ward Party chairman held their meeting at another venue other than the usual square “Peter Okoye Str. Uwani Enugu” for the month of February 2021.

Why then are they accusing the Council deputy Chairman, ward 5 councilor, Former Council Chairman etc of playing anti-party activities?
Where and when was the agreement of changing the venue reached?

Why host the meeting in someone else’s house?

How did the Ward Party Chairman share the Palliatives given to the ward by the LG?
Why was it shared in his house instead of the venue of the Party’s meeting?
Who will then bring the physically handicapped at Cheshire’s home to the venue.
So many questions to ask !

Beyond politics and party affiliation, friendship is more inviolable and we can build on that.

I therefore call on the state leadership of the party to as a matter of nessecity wade into the protracted and serious disagreement between some actors in the ward.

I want to conclude with the words of Winston Churchill “if you ask about my MISSION, I will tell you to wage war, if you ask me about my GOAL, I will tell you victory; victory inspite of all terror and betrayal, victory however hard and long the road may be , for without victory, there will be no survival”

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