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Orlu Military Invasion: Igbo leaders are too weak, if not, that show of shame wouldn’t have taken place – Coal City Youths Development Initiative

By Raymond O. Ugwu, 20/2/2021

Mixed reactions have continued to trail the Invasion of Orlu in Imo State by the Nigerian Army in search of the armless members of the Eastern Security Network ESN.

A foremost Youth Advocacy movement in Enugu State, Coal City Youths Development Initiative has condemned what they described as ‘show of shame’ by the military in connivance with the Governor of Imo State Mr. Hope Uzodimma, calling on all SouthEast Leaders especially Governors of the zone to rise up to their core responsibilities of safeguarding the lives and property of Ndigbo.

In a Press statement made available to Daily Star Online News Enugu, the Director General of the group Hon. Remiguis Ozonwama alleged that leaders in the northern parts of the country are pampering and negotiating with the Fulani bandits while their SouthEast counterparts Continue killing their own people.

Below is the full statement:

Press Release !

Orlu Military invasion was callous and unjustified – Coal City Youths Development Initiative 20-02-2021

The attack and killing of Igbo Youths at Orlu in Imo State by the Nigeria Military was callous and unjustified.

The right to life is inalienable, fundamental, sacrosanct and no one is allowed to take the life of others except in execution of Court Judgement as provided in Chapter IV, section 33 of CFRN 1999 as amended.

The right to peaceful assembly is also fundamental and Constitutionally guaranteed.
The action of the Security Agencies which led to the death of many Igbo youths who were going about their normal businesses is unfortunate and condemnable.

There is no justification whatsoever, it is only applicable to a people without sincere and committed leaders like we have found ourselves.

As an organization, we join other good spirited Nigerians to condemn the coordinated killing of our youths by the combined Security Agencies invited by the Imo State Governor, Mr. Hope Uzodimma.

It shouldn’t have happened and those involved in the said massacre of Innocent citizens should be brought to justice.

While Boko haram is continuously killing innocent citizens, maiming, rape women and slaughtering defenceless men in the Northern Nigeria, the same Security Agencies and Northern Governors are pampering them and offering them jobs with the pretence that they were already converted.

Nigeria is never like before sharply divided among the ethnic and religious lines and increasingly nearing explosive stage.

While Igbo leaders look on with obvious delusion, hoping that their silence over the ongoing annihilation of our people will make the North concede power to them, it has only proven that they are far from self realization.

The agenda of the Buhari led administration is to re-enact the hegemony of the North which unfortunately, he has successfully executed without much resistance.

The growing chorusing of Igbo presidency or South East for President is only but delusional, diversionary and exercise in futility.

How can our leaders ignore the glaring signs that the North as it were cannot and will not trust or support a South Easterner for the presidency?

Unfortunately, instead of standing with their own, our leaders chose to pursue their self serving agenda of primitive accumulation of wealth at the expense of human lives.

Right to self determination is a third generation right recognised by United Nations and other International Charters and Treaties.

For our leaders to have looked the other way while the Federal Government tactically proscribed and criminalized legitimate agitation by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), it will continue to hunt us as a people until we unite and take bold steps to decriminalize IPOB, otherwise, more of our youths will die because the agitation for the actualization of State of Biafra as it were can never be suppressed by power of arm, but Just treatment.

We therefore call on our leaders, especially the Governors of the South East to rise to occasion and strongly condemn the callous killing of our Youths and take further steps to forestall future occurrence.

✍️ Hon. Remigius Ejike Ozonwama
(Director General)

Mrs. Juliet Ikechukwu
(Secretary General)

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