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Land Grabing: Enugu Panel On Police Brutality Sits Today, Hears Petition On Abuse Of Police Powers Brought Against Mr. Kingsley Eze, Others

By Johnpaul Anih, 16/2/2021

The Enugu State Panel on Police brutality and Extra Judicial Killings will today hear a petition brought against two Police officers namely SP Stanley Kwaphoor and INSP. Garba Alhassan of the Special fraud unit Milverton Ikoyi Lagos on their abuse of police powers and the use of the instrument of state to perpetuate forced regime change in the ministry of lands Enugu State in connivance with one Mr. Kingsley Eze of the Private Estates International West Africa limited and other land grabbers.

In the petition written by Barr. Ekoh and sighted by our reporter, the petitioner alleged a conspiratorial plot to silence the Commissioner for lands Enugu State because of his principled stance against attempts of powerfully connected land speculators to grab poor people’s lands and sell to other individuals in and outside of government circles in Enugu State are properly investigated especially the actions of the police officers mentioned earlier.

The petition states thus “Sir, it is a common knowledge that the fight against corruption does not go without corruption fighting back through the perpetrators. This is the case in this charge as the Private Estate International West Africa Ltd may just have employed the ready and willing hands of SP Stanley Kwaphoor and Insp. Garba Alhassan of the Special Fraud unit, Milverton, Ikoyi, as a conduit for the perfection of their alleged fraud and illegality as above adumbrated by the institution of this charge against the serving Commissioner for Lands and Urban development, who in the cause of carrying out his assignment may have stepped on the powerful toes of certain powerful land speculators.

This is so because, being in the know of the stance of the Executive Governor of Enugu State, not to have in his cabinet, any person who has a criminal charge pending against him or her, before any court of law, as well as appreciating the uncompromising position of CHUKWUEMEKA NNAM towards sanitizing the Enugu State Ministry of Lands and ensuring a reduction in the activities of Land grabbers.

The only option open to those whose activities may have been put on hold and of course the Private Estate International West Africa Ltd was to attempt to use the institution of Government to mastermind such a charge, not minding if there was substance to it or not, in order to tacitly blackmail and attempt to malign the Hon. Commissioner, as he is considered the obstacle to their alleged illegal land grabbing activities until he is removed as the Commissioner for Lands, and they can apparently continue with their illegality.

The above has been substantiated by the recent happenings as the said Private Estate International West Africa Ltd. has taken to the online media to broadcast the above charge even when same was yet to be served on the Commissioner”.

The petitioners are appealing to the panel to intervene in this case by requesting a thorough, discreet and unbiased review of the entire case by another section or team of the Nigeria Police Force, such that any case against our Client will be borne on the auspices of its merit and not because the masters, Kingsley Eze and his Private Estates International West Africa Ltd are pulling the strings of SP Stanley Kwaphoor and Insp. Garba Alhassan of the Special Fraud unit, Milverton, Ikoyi into abusing the powers of their office to assassinate the professional character of a man who just wanted to have the right thing done as per the mandate of the Governor, his Principal.

It will be interesting to see how the panel will handle this case as we awaits the outcome of the sitting.

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