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Just In: Drama in the venue of the Endsars panel today as Kingsley Eze’s witnesses dissociate themselves from the case against Enugu Commissioner For Lands

By Johnpaul Anih, 16/2/2021

There was drama today at the venue of the Endsars panel on Police Brutality And Extra Judicial Killings in Enugu when witnesses that are being paraded by the Private Estate International west Africa, a company owned by Mr Kingsley Eze in a purported forgery case aginst the commissioner for lands, denied ever writing a petition against the Enugu Commissioner for Lands, Dr. Surv. Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam.

Daily Star Online News gathered that the denial took place on the sideline of the sitting of the panel on a petition written by lawyers to the Honourable Commissioner for Lands over the high handedness of two police officers SP STANLEY KWAPHOOR AND INSP. GARBA ALHASSAN from the special fraud unit, Milverton Ikoyi Lagos over their connivance with Mr Kingsley Eze to robe the Honourable Commissioner into a nonexistent Forgery case because of his insistence on following due process in the administration of land in Enugu State.

In an interview with news men in Enugu after the sitting of the panel, the alleged witnesses who decided to come and witness the sitting of the panel after hearing that the panel will be hearing a petition written by the commissioner told news men that they did not write any petition against the Honourable Commissioner for lands Enugu State, they stated that they are not party to any case aginst the commissioner and that they are ready to stand with the commissioner at all times. The said witnesses lamented that one Mr Kingsley Eze who is also the CEO of Private Estate International West Africa Ltd and the Leader of a powerful land grabbing syndicate in Enugu in cohorts with some powerful men have been encroaching on their ancestral land and converting same fraudulently to their own is behind the said petition against the commissioner for lands whom they have seen as a stumbling block to their nefarious activities. They maintained that they have sworn affidavits to back their claim.

It will be recalled that the Honourable Commissioner For lands Enugu State in the discharge of the duties of his office and in consonance with the mandate given to him by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Enugu State, Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to sanitise the administration of land and get rid of land grabbers in Enugu, uncovered a monumental land fraud involving a land grabbing syndicate lead by Mr Kingsley Eze and his company known as Private Estate International West Africa where in over 1,097 Hectares of land was ceded to PEIWA owned by Mr Kingsley Eze without the approval of the State Executive Council, drew the attention of His Excellency the Governor of Enugu State to the said fraud and His Excellency in the discharge of the duties of his office, revoked the land after following all the laid down constitutional process. This singular act of revocation by the Governor provoked the syndicate led by Mr Kingsley Eze who could not get the Honourable Commissioner to protect their interest in a glaring case of fraud, swore to nail him by all means.

Independent Investigation carried out by our undercover agents shows that the only intended result that Mr Kingsley Eze and his land grabbing syndicate is to remove Dr Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam as the Honourable Commissioner for lands Enugu State and then get him replaced with an amenable person whom they can bribe to work for them to the detriment of the state and the host communities who are the ancestral owners of the land. This clandestine plan is being hatched by a powerful person in government who knows that the governor do not want any person having a criminal case in courts to be part of the governors exco.

The witnesses used the opportunity to commend his excellency, the governor of Enugu State for the role has played and still playing in bringing to an end the activities of land grabbers in Enugu state. They asked the governor to be wary of those fair weather associates who now see the commissioner of lands Enugu State as an obstacle to their fraudulent land grabbing activities in Enugu state. They sternly warned Mr Kingsley Eze to stop using their names and that of their communities to destroy the clean reputation of Dr Surv. Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam whose performance so far as the commissioner for lands Enugu State is unmatched. They advised Mr Kingsley Eze in cohorts with some elements in the Nigerian Police Force to as matter of urgency withdraw the court case against Surv. Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam so as to save their highly battered image.

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