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Ugwuanyi is The Most criticized Governor of Enugu State, Yet He Has Remained Steadfast & Committed To Discharging His Duties – Simon Ede

By Johnpaul Anih, 27/1/2021

Until animals have their own historian, the history of hunt will always glorify the hunter.
No wonder the White painted Africans as a people that were discovered and without history.

Like in the hunt, those killed by lion were never in history but we have “Ogbuagu” everywhere, that doesn’t invalidate the fact that lion is the king of the jungle.

In politics, Ugwuanyi is a genus, in leadership, he is a true leader, in governance, he is above board, though under reported.

I woke up to the reality of the facts that Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a pragmatic and uncommon leader with matchless empathy, compassion and humanity, who has truly devoted himself to better the lots of the massess.

How, one may be tempted to ask?

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi is a true leader who placed high premium on peace, knowing that with enduring peace, there will be tremendous progress.

He engendered peace in Enugu State by uniting all the political and religious leaders in Enugu State.

Beyond Politics, Ugwuanyi has seamlesssly deflated opposition politics in Enugu State and erased ranchorous politics through all inclusive governance. It is on record that Ugwuanyi has appointed many persons from the opposition into his government, most of all, is the appointment of his major critics. It can only be done by a true leader.

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi has more listening ears than his predecessors which ensures constant improvements in all the spheres of governance in the state.

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi is a true leader who is in touch with the people and their needs which informed his massive rural developmental drives across the 17 Local Government Areas of Enugu State. At least Isi-Uzo has a couple of asphalt roads and access roads completed, while some are still ongoing and more being expected, the first of its kind in over four decades.

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi has really improved on the achievements of his predecessor in all ramifications.

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi has good working relationship with the workers because of prompt payment of salaries and welfare packages (13th Month).

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi is law compliant than his predecessors.

Beyond Politics, Ugwuanyi has reformed the public service and engendered probity in the service through the implementation of the Sectorial Committee report.

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi has been prudent in resources management which ensured economic stability in the state despite the obvious economic crunch occassioned by decreased allocation, Covid 19 impacts and the end SARS protest.

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi is the most criticized Governor of Enugu State, yet he has remained steadfast and committted to discharging his duties.

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi is the only Governor of the State I’m yet to hear that he has spent one month outside the state.

Beyond politics, Ugwuanyi is consistently on the part of progress, breaking new grounds in Tourism, Agriculture, ICT and Health care delivery. He recently upgraded and equipped 7 healthcare centres in Enugu State, Isi-Uzo inclusive.

My point is that Ugwuanyi’s achievements remain matchless and unparalled, his all inclusive style of leadership is legendary and majority of criticisms are achored on politics not non performance.

Enugu is better with Ugwuanyi, that is why all the Former Governors of Enugu State are solidly behind him.

It is time to put individual interest and party differences aside and work in the over all interest of the state because it takes a large heart to be a Governor in the like of Rt. Hon. Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Simon Ede.

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