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Avoid the Attitude of Burning Tires on Our Tarred Roads – Enugu Media Advocates Warns

By Johnpaul Anih, 31-12-2020

Tomorrow is new year, as expected, I know many youths are already gathering used tires that they will set ablaze this night to celebrate the new year.

Brethren, I and all well-meaning Nigerians humbly appeal to you all to please avoid this act.

If tires are burnt on coal-tarred main roads, the fire will weaken the coal-tars which is also infamable. The consequence is that when rainy season comes, rain will wash away the weakened part of the coal-tarred main roads leading to numerous pot-holes.
These pot-holes not only cause hardship to the road users but causes accidents aswell.
All of us are road users and we will not like to be involved in accidents that we caused.

please, please and please, let us avoid this. Let us support our government by atleast not destroying the ones that they tried to construct for us.

I also appeal to all security agencies, military and paramilitary men, especially the Police and Road safety men to please try and make sure that they protect our roads by stopping people from burning tires.

Please make sure that this gets to everyone that you know that is fond of this act.


Emmanuel Ugwuagbo

For: Enugu Media Advocates.

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