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A Critical Review Of Gov. Ugwuanyi’s Administration In 2020: An Ordinary Citizens Point Of View

By Johnpaul Anih, 31-12-2020

In 10 years time, when one looks back to the year 2020, how will he rate the performance of the Government of Enugu State in one of the most significant years of the century?

The year came with so much promises. Individuals, organisations and governments set out to achieve something big to mark the beginning of a new decade.
Enugu State Government led by Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is not left out in this plan, having prepared a budget that reflected a turning point in the history of the Administration.

The first thing on the table of the Administration was the conduct of the LGA elections in the State. As it were with the leadership pattern of Gov. Ugwuanyi, he masterly conducted the election in what could be described as a peaceful atmosphere. Noteworthy was the way he humbly handled the slight internal rancour within his party, the PDP, by bringing everyone together, uniting them to face the election with one heart as jolly party men.
Like never seen before, Gov. Ugwuanyi led PDP to a landslide victory that produced over 70% Youths as LGA Chairmen.

While the State was basking in the euphoria of victory and a peaceful LGA elections, Covid-19 Struck, scattering the plans of every individual, organisation and government and sent everyone indoors unannounced.

The Pandemic caught all governments of the world off guard and put everyone into confusion but then came an opportunity for governments to show their ability to handle unforeseen circumstances.

Many governments chose daily briefings on a disease with no cure as a way of responding to the pandemic. Governor Ugwuanyi in his unique way, chose to respond differently.

Instead of adding flames to the already heightened tension by holding daily briefings, he chose instead to prevent movements in and out of the State, fumigate areas of interest and place restrictions and gave express orders for the citizens to follow the Covid-19 Protocols.

Unlike other states who used the opportunity to express their dictatorial tendencies, Gov. Ugwuanyi remained mild and gentle in handling the cases. This step he took, accounts for the low number of cases in Enugu State in comparison to other regional capitals in the Country.

Chief of his tactics in handling the Pandemic was his usage of the opportunity to begin a revolution in the health sector by building standard type 3 hospitals across all the local governments and topped it with the construction of an up to taste Hospital for infectious diseases to manage the pandemic and be prepared in case another one comes. It was named the Enugu State Infectious Disease Hospital, Colliery Avenue, Enugu.

While the pandemic raged, the state government didn’t relent in the construction of rural roads across the state and the construction of a stadium in Nsukka.
The governor also completed special state of the art Court buildings across the state.

While still managing the Pandemic, Gov. Ugwuanyi appointed youths massively into various positions in what was a big turnaround in the fortunes of the youths in Enugu State.

As if the Pandemic wasn’t enough, 2020 greeted Nigeria with an attempted revolution called the “#ENDSARS Protests” which was eventually hijacked, leading to various degrees of destruction of public and private property.

Still in his way of handling issues, Gov. Ugwuanyi handled the issues with a gentle touch and started the process of rebuilding the state immediately.

As if the Pandemic and the #Endsars Protests weren’t enough, Yellow Fever Disease attempted to wipe out communities in the State, but the governor handled it with wisdom and care of the situation without raising panic.

2020 has indeed been a significant year for everyone but when one looks back, he will see that Enugu State government played a significant role in making 2020 bearable for the citizens.

It is therefore our hope and faith that 2021 will be crises free to give way for a better actualisation of the people’s expectations by the government and a smoother life for we, the ordinary citizens.

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