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Tension: You Cannot Play Football Match With Jerseys Written “Ikeoha” Else I will Shed Blood – Pat. Asadu Allegedly Tells Ovoko Youths

By Johnpaul Anih, 28-12-2020

Following the recent accusation and counter accusations as to who, why and how Ovoko football league is being sponsored, Daily Star Online News has been trying to reach out to the parties involved so as to get their own side of the story, but unfortunately only one Youth from Ovoko Community in Igboeze South LG who preferred anonymity was able to tell his side of the story.

Efforts made to reach Hon. Dr. Pat. Asadu over the phone was fruitless as he weren’t taking his calls.

Read with us;

Good evening umu Ovoko,
There has been a tension in Ovoko since on Monday this week.

So many people have been speaking in parables, which has caused confusion especially to those that are not home based.
Now I want to clear the air small for abroad members.

If you remember, there was a time we @OFA were begging people who want us to write their names on our jerseys to indicate and only COZIO and one lecturer showed interest, because money was involved. COZIO told us to write “#COZIO_GROUP FOR GBURU GBURU” at the back of the Jersey.

Dr. Okey Ugwu said we should write “DR. OKEY UGWU” on the hand of it.

We met with Hon Pat Asadu after about five months of trying to see him, to know if we can write his name on the front but he gave us normal political response of let’s see what I can do.

He referred us to #Casmir, his PA, who kept playing us around like fools. After three months, we went back to a good brother Cele Okanya and told him that no one was willing to bid for the front, and he accepted to take the front, and told us to write for him “#IKEOHA_GLOBAL” which we did.

And just this week, #Pat rose form sleep, and called the OFA officials to his house, we were represented by our Chairman and secretary who came back to tell us what Pat Asadu said.

-That he will give us money to buy and reprint another sets of jerseys.
-That we should return the sets of jerseys earlier bought by Cele Okanya Okanya.
-that we cannot play the league with that jersey which has “IKEOHA GLOBAL” written on it, else, he will SHED BLOOD IN OVOKO, and even Casmir, his PA repeated same in the call he made to the OFA officials. And boys are really angry because

  1. Pat refused to help us until we met another person who accepted to help us.
  2. Pat has never done anything good for the people of Ovoko.
  3. If Pat cannot help us, let him allow those that can help us do.
  4. That #1 million pledge he made at OVOKO General Assembly meeting in August 2014, up till date, he hasn’t redeemed even a part of.
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