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Hon. Pat. Asadu; An epitome of failure whose 2023 ambition is dead on arrival – Enugu Media Advocates

By Johnpaul Anih, 28-12-2020

It’s unfortunate that a man trained by the good people of Ovoko has never trained or mentored anybody since he ventured into politics.

How many scholaships has Hon. Pat Asadu offered to his constituents?

A man who has never brought anything to his people as a Federal legislator. All he does is to oppress and intimidate them with his little/temporal political power.

If not same people (Ovoko) he is threatening today who would have trained him in the school?

Pat Asadu is a failure and that is why Ovoko people dedicated their 2020 annual Football competition to a an outsider.

Instead of supporting his people and always put smiles on their faces with effective representation he chose the part of intimidation and oppression.

No one should be dragged into the problem Asadu is having with his constituents and Ovoko youths due to his poor representation and chronic failure.

Let Ovoko youths remain peaceful.

N:B : Daily Star Online News is not responsible for the above write-up but Enugu Media Advocate

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