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Christmas Message For Enugu Youths; A Must Read By Johnpaul Anih

Please Don’t be carried away by Christmas activities and distractions. Jesus has been born already, this is just the memorial.

Cross over to 2021 with a business mindset.
New clothes, shoes, bags, hair will soon become old.

Look good not Rich because you are not there yet. If you eat your seed, what then do you plant to get a tree🌲?

January is 3 months in one month. School fees to pay, house rents, new investments to make.

What are your plans? What strategy do you have in place now? Just 7 days to bid 2020 goodbye.
Can you make these 7 days count?
Don’t rush it. calmly put down something somewhere.
Stay away from distractions if need be. Just you, your pen, paper and your mind.

It took God 7 days to make all things perfect.. Work while you trust Him in all things. God does not bless a lazy or idle mind. He blesses the Works of our hands.

Put down the names of friends that added nothing to your growth this year. It’s time to change that circle.

Be humble, take the insults and learn what you need.

Don’t start making new year resolutions as usual. Something must be different this time. 2021 is a powerful year, lots of hunger for lazy minds and lots of Fortune for Risk takers.

Merry Christmas !
Chukwu gozierem Ndi Enugu !

Comrade Johnpaul Anih
(Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth Affairs).

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