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Lies Against Enugu Commissioner For Lands; Setting The Record Straight – Johnpaul Anih

My attention has been drawn to the trending reports on social media which is obviously sponsored, fabricated, compromised, tendentious, lies and falsehood targeted at tarnishing the hard earned image of the Enugu State Commissioner for Lands and urban Development Hon. Dr. Surv. Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam.

These grammatical gyrations, rigmarole and circumlocutions are just interested in hoodwinking the ideas of this young Commissioner who is unarguably one of the best performing Commissioners.

These faceless diatribe facebook charlatans and their ill mannered write-ups, is obviously authored by a drowning dissident group who have resolved not to appreciate good things.

The latest vituperations against this Commissioner is nothing but sponsored.
While I consider the latest outpouring of hemlock in the name of statement as “a distraction”, I shall put the record straight for the interest of Ndi Enugu.

Mr. Demian Odoh alleged that the honourable Commissioner For Lands paid the whooping sum of 100 million which he borrowed just to be appointed Commissioner.
This allegation is baseless and has no evidence to that regard.
I challenge Mr. Odoh to provide contrary evidence to this claim or be ready to do that in court for libel when identified.

Secondly, he alleged that Surv. Dr. Nnam awarded Golf Annex Estate surveying to his private Surveying company.
This is a lie from the pit of hell. The Honourable commissioner resigned from all private practices upon his appointment into the Government and No company belonging to, connected to or related to the Honourable commissioner has ever been awarded any job in this administration.

Let it be on record that Surv. Dr. Nnam has no 86 plots of land in the said Estate as unchartebly alleged by Mr. Odoh who is obviously looking for cheap attention, but unfortunately wont get any.

Let him come out to Enugu press center and address the press tomorrow with the evidence of all the false allegations made against the Commissioner.
No one should hide under the blanket of the social media and be committing libel and defamation of character.

Comrade Johnpaul Anih
(Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth Affairs).

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