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Isi-Uzo Bye-election: YPP Candidate Concedes Defeat, Congratulates PDP Candidate

By Johnpaul Anih, 6-12-2020


Special appreciation to the Leadership of YPP for offering me the platform to contest.

Special appreciation to Coal City Youth Development Initiative for all the supports.

Special appreciation to all those who defiled intimidation to stand by me through the process.

Special appreciation to everyone who supported me in one way or the other.

The experience gathered is worthwhile.

It is nothing personal but Interest.

Those who stood against us today may found reasons to stand with us tomorrow.

In course of this election, I have discovered that our Youths are disoriented, disinformed and deliberately disempowered to the extent that the worth of a youth now is between a bottle of beer and N1000. While the rural women is worth a cup of rice and a cup of infected corn and garri.

Fortunately, this ailment is curable through aggressive Political enlightenment and reorientation.

To all those who wished I won, thank you. Our day is coming and our today’s traducers will be the ones announcing the victory.

It is a call to work and I will not relent.

Neither victory nor success is final, they are all process to the ultimate end.

Having said the above, I hereby congratulate the highest bidder, the announced winner of the bought election, Mrs Catherine Amaka Ugwueze.

To all my genuine Supporters, aluta continua.

Yours truly,

Hon. Simon Onyema Ede.

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