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The Uprising Of Nigerian Youths; A Time Bomb – Ugochukwu Nwanjoku

By Johnpaul Anih, 27 – 11 – 2020

This massage should not only go to our respective state Senators, representing each senatorial zones, it should also go to all the key stakeholders in our various states ranging from the local government chairmen, down to the federal constituencies and swiftly down to the houses of Assemblies representatives. A predicted war is said never to claim the life of a lame.

We are not talking about youth inclusiveness any longer since it has become a hard nut shell to break, besides Youths are not second class citizens that you should talk about inclusiveness, we are talking about having all our POLITICAL ELDERS retired to join the forum of COUNCIL OF POLITICAL ELDERS ( CPE ) to enable the youths rise up and lead their destinies,  because my experience in the last protest, proves to me that youths have grown to the level of leading this country.

Under the watch of our political Elders, Nigeria is emersed into an unimaginable debts ridden state that only fate can advocate; our senatorial zone of Enugu west wallows in the wilderness of impoverishment; dangles on the lines of confusion and trashed so many hopes after raising them during electoral campaigns, yet we give them applause for their failure.

I am sure non of the Elders was in the protest for a better Nigeria, but tomorrow they come out to tell a youth who was able to fight even at the front line where there is rain of live bullets that he is not legible enough to lead as either a president, governor, or senator, fed. house of Reps.

Who said so?

Youths can not fight like elephant and eat like an ant. The terms now should be, ” Elders inclusiveness in POLITICS” not “youth inclusiveness” because, it was not the blood of our political Elders that was infused on our various streets across the federation but that of the youths. Besides, Youths amounts to a reasonable percentage in terms of population in every given assembly, why won’t majority Cary the vote? 

In a nut shell, the issue of youth uprising in Nigeria should never be undermined by any well meaning Nigerian who actually meant to serve. The time of playing politics with people’s destinies and futures should be a forgotten stories.

The political system of Nigeria has gone beyond ordinary politics of deceit and antagonism, because sacrificial blood of innocent, harmless and armless protesters is inherently involved. Anyone coming out to play politics as usual should acknowledge the fact that the resounding and echoing voices of blood of innocent protesters spilt to secure a better future for Nigeria shall never depart from his/her family generation.

Youths arise! It is never too early to say good morning!!

Rise up and Stop all this old politicians before they stop you.

To be a youth is a blessing not a predicament!!!

May God so help us!

Enugu west must be better!

Credit: Prince Ugochukwu Nwanjoku.


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