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We Condemn The Killing Of Innocent Nigerian Protesters – EWYGA

By Johnpaul Anih, 23 – 10 – 2020

It is a kairos moment in our nation. The fabric of our national political stability is at risk of been torn apart by the suffocating and ruthless brutality we face from our government and it agencies

The smoke of legitimate protest against police brutality and highhandedness on the citizens of Nigeria is now been doused by the blood of innocent protesters.

There have been scores of killings of innocent citizens by law enforcement agent across the country. The massacre of lekki toll gate of 20th of October will remain indelible in the heart of Nigerians. Government forces opened fired on innocent armedless protesters despite holding the Nigeria flag and singing the National attention as they refused to be coward out of their legitimate protest by the curfew placed by Lagos government.

This heinous act triggered and escalated violence demostration across state in the country as youth went on rampage vandalizing Bank building, a king palace, buses setting ablaze police stations and other pockets of violence. This has prompted some state government to place both partial and total curfew in their state.

The Nigerian spirit is awakened among the youth constituency across the country. We must not be carried away in this frenzy atmosphere of legitimate protest and become perpetrators of illegalities. Thugs have infiltrated this protest and are using it as a cover to reck havoc on national and private properties. We must show restraints as we display our grievances. Destruction of properties at this time is uncalled for.

Don’t get involved in night protest as it is very dangerous, be security conscious as you move about your daily activities as security situation in the country at the moment is very fragile.

Moreover, it is time to lift Nigeria in prayer and ask the Lord to heal our land and deliver us from bad governance,

In all your dealing, safety first, stay safe and stay prayerful.

May the good Lord protect us all as we grapple with the happenings in our society this season.

We shall win.
The Lord will give us victory!

Keep the struggle alive in your own corner peacefully.

The sacrifice of our fallen hero at lekki toll gate and across the nation shall not be in vain.

A restructured Nigeria is a necessity.



Nebo Obinna Collins
Coordinator General, Enugu West Youth General Assembly (EWYGA)

Uche Godswill
Media Director, Enugu West Youth General Assembly (EWYGA).

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