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Opinion: Why Ndi Enugu Must Appreciate Gov. Ugwuanyi’s Leadership – Buchi Nnaji

By Johnpaul Anih, 12-10-2020

Often times, good leaders are not valued until they leave the seat of power.

His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (GburuGburu) is undoubtedly a blessing to the people of Enugu State.

His administration is unique and characterized by productivity, peace, equity, massive infrastructural development, political harmony and what have you.

No doubt, previous governors of Enugu State did well to the best of their abilities, but GburuGburu has enshrined an unprecedented style of leadership devoid of rancor or ambiguity. His all inclusive governance has endeared him to many, including his political rivals and oppositions. This is a rare feat some past governors of Enugu State could not achieve in their tenure.

Gov. Ugwuanyi’s developmental stride is ubiquitous; his presence is being felt in all facets of the society, as he does not believe in the idea of concentrating on a particular sector, while others suffer. He has touched every autonomous community. Every community in Enugu State today has at least one project of their choice, funded by Ugwuanyi led government. This strategy is people oriented and can only come from a governor who mean well for his people, especially the common man.

GburuGburu is blazing the trail in rural development, security of lives and properties, agriculture, road construction, building of modern hospitals in all the 17 local government areas of Enugu State, construction and reconstruction of school buildings, just to mention but few.

Ugwuanyi’s style of leadership does not discriminate against anyone or group, his dividends cut across party lines. He is simply a governor for all.

Recentlyly, during a conference organized by ALL ENUGU WOMEN FOR GBURUGBURU, an APC stalwart and former House of Representatives aspirant in the 2019 election, Mrs Juliet Egbo extolled Gov Ugwuanyi for carrying everybody along in his administration, irrespective of political party affiliation. This is what leadership is all about. According to Mrs Egbo, “GburuGburu does not consider anyone as opposition while distributing democracy dividends, and that is why I am part of ALL ENUGU WOMEN FOR GBURUGBURU, despite being an APC stalwart.”

In Ugwuanyi’s administration, freedom of speech is allowed, to the extent that some near do wells ar taking undue advantage of it to distract the lion. But as the most tolerant governor, Ugwuanyi pays no attention to the handiwork of the mischief makers. The more they try to distract him, the more Ugwuanyi is covering grounds in the dissemination of democracy dividends to Ndi Enugu.

Gov Ugwuanyi’s sterling character has brought him close to President Buhari and the APC government, despite being a PDP governor. Maintaining a good diplomat relationship is a landmark achievement, because it comes with benefits to Enugu State and it’s neighboring states.

The good relationship has attracted a lot of development to Enugu State which include the recent renovation of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport among others.

In Enugu State today, people live and go about their daily activities without being tensed. The era of stealing, robbery, and other heinous crimes is long gone; Enugu State is adjudged the most peaceful state in the south east, thanks to Gov Ugwuanyi.

Some people will not appreciate the peace and tranquility in Enugu State until they visit a crisis ridden state.

Gov Ugwuanyi has strengthened the security architecture in Enugu State. He engaged Forest Guards, whose act was recently signed into law, provided adequate working tools for them such as vehicles, ammunitions, motorcycles, and so on.

Today, cases of farmer-herder clash, kidnapping etc. have reduced to barest minimum and people in rural communities sleep comfortably without fear of attack.

What is expected of ndi Enugu at this point in time is not to distract His Excellency, but to support him in anyway they can, especially through ideas on the WAY FORWARD. Criticising a government is good, but it should be done constructively, with the aim of suggesting the best way things could be done for better results.

Some people perceive those who support the government as praise singers, but they are wrong. Just as our leaders have their roles to play, the citizens also have theirs, which is to support the government to serve us better. Etoo dike na nke omere, omekwaa Ozo.

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