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Desist From Peddling Falsehood Against Gov. Ugwuanyi – Engr. Ohaa warns

*Enugu* By Johnpaul Anih, 6-10-2020

Following a recent discussion in a Whatsapp platform concerning the state of work going on at the Esut Teaching Hospital Igbo-eno, which sparked off series of outbursts, the Enugu State Chief Fire Officer, Engr. Okwudiri Ohaa, has warned some Social media worriors peddling falsehoods against Governor Ugwuanyi led administration to henceforth desist from it.

Engr. Ohaa maintained that opposition is a vital element of democracy, but must be based on facts.

“In Enugu, there is no known opposition. But of recent some social media charlatans have been employed by a faceless group to attack Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, a man who has enthroned peace, security and rapid development in all sectors.
This faceless opposition has unfortunately based their argument and stories against the governor on lies”

“The recent conversation on a Whatsapp platform has exposed some of these antics and fake stories against the government”

The argument was that, the reported on going ESUT teaching hospital at Igbo Ano near Orba was a lie. That there was no such project in Enugu State.
On the other side of the argument was Engr. Okwudiri Daniel Ohaa, The State Chief Fire Officer, who insisted that the project was on and verifiable.
He challenged his opponent (names withheld) and there was an agreement for both of them to take a trip to the site.
Hear Engr Ohaa’s report back to the forum.

“The honour of a man is in his stand for truth for there is no other way we can represent divinity or reflect the image of God if not by truth and love for humanity; and you can’t claim to love humanity when you spread lies to show contempt and disaffection among the people.

“Today in my honour, I made a promise to go on a site inspection of the ongoing ESUT teaching hospital at Igbo Ano near Orba with (names withheld) who claimed there was no such project in Enugu State.

“Unfortunately, as at the time we scheduled, I sent message at about 6.51am to remind him of our fact finding tour and I have endlessly called Engr. Okechukwu Ugwu but his phone was switched off. However for the avoidance of doubt, here are the pictorials of the ongoing project.

“I believe it is more incumbent on the various appointees of the governor to rise to such task of keeping the public abreast of various government projects and activities especially when there is an allegations as this that an ongoing project is a hoax. I undertake this task because the Fire Service has a station at orba close to the site of the ongoing project and truth is a burden that is heavy on us except we discharge it for benefit of truth itself.”

This is commendable of the Fire Officer for he has not only cleared the air on the issue which was already being sold to the public, but has also exposed the tactics of these faceless group who are bent on deceiving the unsuspecting public.

Other appointees should borrow a leaf especially as it concerns construction and renovation of classroom blocks across the zones.

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