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Enugu 2023: Field Any Candidate Fielded By APC And Loose Election – Sebastian Okafor

*Enugu* By Johnpaul Anih, 25-9-2020

A Civil Right Activist, Journalist and Secretary of the All Progressives Congress Enugu North Local Government, Comrade Sebastine Okafor, has warned all the political parties in the state to avoid the temptation of fielding any candidate that, has vied for positions under the APC before.

Speaking to newsmen in Enugu, comrade Sebastine Okafor (Bookastro) stated that, most of the people who left APC after contesting on that platform, cannot be trusted with public funds.

“Many of those people left PDP for APC and went back, some left for YPP while others, traded their Mandate.

Majority of them, Collected election funds and became incommunicado only to defect alone ;calling the party names.

Many of them, cannot even mobilize upto 5 people but trive on party or people’s glory.

Anybody who has the guts to tell stories over election funds, cannot be trusted into any public office ;as they have proven to have incurable proclivity to steal.

He also frowned at how many people deceive the party with borrowed clothes just to get her ticket and disappear.

“What they do, is to borrow starched clothes, some do come as a prince or as an ex this or that, just to make you think, they have capacity, but, they lack both capacity and integrity.”

“Some would even leave the party without proper notification and still claims to be leaders when they are” thief holders “.

“Political Parties should avoid dealing with these people as some can even sell the party’s secretariat just to ensure that, they stole something ;when there is none to steal again” he said.

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