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Edo 2020: Let every honest man depart from APC – Hon. Simon Ede

*Enugu* By Johnpaul Anih, 24-9-2020

Martin Luther said” let every honest man depart from Rome” and I say to you fellow Nigerians, let every honest man depart from APC .

Rev. Martin Luther of Germany had in search of peace and approval for certain reforms already brewing dispute among the Monks of Augustinian Monastery journeyed thousands of miles barefooted to Rome with the belief and high expectation of finding peace, common understanding, deeply religious and sanctimonious people of Rome as the revered Headquarters of Christendom but contrary to his expectations, he found profaneous and sacrilegious Italian Priests officiating during mass. In the face of this rudest shock and seeming trance of a reality, Luther blurted out in anger” You can find everything in Rome except an honest man, Let every honest man depart from Rome.

Disappointed and disillusioned, Luther left Rome with a troubled heart and could only find solace in the Epistle of Paul to the Romans in (Romans 3:28) Justification by faith.

The encounter of Rev Martin Luther could be likened to the encounter of Nigerians in search of change in 2015, when Nigerians journeyed from PDP to APC in search of solutions to the myraids of challenges facing Nigeria, ranging from insecurity, massive looting, collapsing infrastructure and lots more, little did they know that they are entering into chain not change.
Just like Luther, Nigerians have met the rudest shock of their lives with the APC Led Federal Government.

Nigerians had believed that the change mantra that ushered in the APC led Federal Government was well intended and committed to addressing national problems but sadly, such intentions have become utopian and delusional.

Nigerians are now groaning under an excruciating economic hardship, collapsing business, companies, near valueless currency, insecurity, massive corruption and electoral fraud with absolute disregard to rule of law and due process.

Nigerians are gradually losing hope in Nigeria while those who contrived, connived and birthed APC led Federal Government are now tired and frustrated with many already gone out of the party and others still hanging onto the party as a shield from prosecution for massive and hemoraghing corruption. it is therefore time for every honest man to depart from APC just like Luther departed from Rome and released 95 thesis that became the foundation of protestantism in the world.

Luther being an honest man could not stomach the rot in the then Rome, so he departed from Rome.

The outcome of Edo Governorship Election is a testament that Nigerians have rejected APC. It is not about Oshiohmole or Tinubu, it is about the fact that Nigerians have rejected the party and all that it represents and will do everything possible to stop the extension of its reign.

The APC Government represents hardship, oppression, massive death, heightened herdsmen/farmers crisis, decline in National cohesion, and reenactment of ethnic chauvinism.

The APC as a party is ridden with Internal squabbles, backstabbing, hegemonic struggle among actors without any plan for Nigerians. It is therefore on a journey of self destruction.

APC is a product of political conspiracy to oust Former President Goodluck Jonathan and the party is heading into self implosion and extinction by conspiracy. A party that has no reward system for party faithfuls. It’s simply living in self denial for anyone to think that APC will survive its own conspiracy.

For this , I say again, let every honest man depart from APC.

Hon. Simon Onyema Ede (YPP candidate for Isi-Uzo Constituency Bye-election, Enugu.)

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