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Biafra wasn’t Ojukwu’s first choice – Johnpaul Anih

Comrade Johnpaul Anih writes,

At Aburi, his choice was to return to true federalism which he knew was a better deal for us than secession. Nigeria failed to honour that agreement and continued the killings, forcing him to declare “The Republic of Biafra” in order to save his people from the then pogrom and annihilation.
Nigeria owes us tones of apologies, I agree. But brothers, let’s think again!

Why should we be starting afresh all the time? It will even be more painful if we lose again as was the case in 1970.

A call for referendum is a right not a privilege. Even Buhari asserted that much in favor of Palestine when he addressed UN.

However, it is plain naivety to assume that all that is enshrined in international law is enforceable. UN has no mechanism of enforcement. Countries and Dictators constantly flout it and nothing happens.

Even if something were to happen you will all have decomposed in your graves by then. A show of bravado will not lead us anywhere Umunnem.

Call me “a saboteur” if you like, but Chinua Achebe told us that “we often stand in the house of a coward to point at where a brave man ONCE lived”.

No war was ever won by emotions!
Preparation and strategy does. Ask any battle-tested soldier. Even the best of them get consumed.

Attracting avoidable conflict to our region hoping that the international community will intervene bu akuko Mike Ejeagha. In many revolutionary conflicts around the world, the international community foot-drags at less than a snail pace, if at all.
Before attempting any interventions in internal conflicts in a sovereign nation and that includes America and Israel, agreement would have been reached.
War is a huge liability that no Country wants to meddle.

The best they can give these days are reliefs not military aids and that is after many must have died including those who started the fire.

It happened to Libyans, Yemenis, Syrians and till now they still don’t have peace.

Are those countries promising to support Nnamdi Kanu really in for it? Or do they want to use him to initiate conflict and sell their weapons to both sides and make blood dollars?

War is an all comers affair. That was how Syria got so complex till date and any war in Nigeria today will have a similar picture. Whoever gets overwhelmed will face the other.
It will be a long and difficult journey and unlike the first civil war without Boko Haram in the equation, no one can predict the tortuous end.

Other Jihadists from across Africa and Middle-East will join just like they always do wherever there is instability to advance their different brands of Islam. In the end you will leave Nigeria and discover you are fighting other strangers you don’t even know how they came into the picture.

The big boys (international Community) like Iran will be there to get their pounds of flesh from Nigeria in revenge for the Shiites, killed. Weapon merchants will then start smiling to the banks. Guess where the theatre of war would be, IGBOLAND !

Libyans thought they were fighting Ghaddafi but after Ghaddafi, they discovered other strangers fighting them to establish their different brands of Islam. Same thing in Syria.

If you ever experience war, you’ll never take peace for granted. War is not a movie as some people think.
You could be the first victim. it is executed with luciferous savagery and sadism.

The worst of peace is still better than the best of wars.

Funny enough, most of our chest-beating youths will likely die off within the first month or two of the conflict leaving those who knew nothing or are on the sidelines to defend themselves.

When the Rwandan genocide was looming, everyone was running his mouth until the death hurricane they courted so hard swept across their country, they wailed and shouted for international community to intervene, but none came.

They learnt from history and have completely removed tribalism from every facet of their national life and are admirably making astounding progress as one of the Africa’s best.

Buhari hasn’t treated us well as we wanted, but wait till 2023 and make amends.
War is an unpredictable undertaking that you will be ignorant to estimate which direction it goes.

We must advise ourselves on this current path of self-annihilation.
Would Biafra end all our problems? South Sudan and Eritra thought as much, but it was the beginning of new ones.

Some are also hoping on Asari Dokubo and Femi Fani Kayode. What a funny bunch being used to fight other people’s fight !
Why won’t they take up the gauntlet or is it only us that is suffering injustice?

Don’t even think corruption will suddenly disappear in a new Biafra as some people hope. If they give you Biafra today, your eyes will open up to new unpleasant realities many of you haven’t even factored in your agitation but then it would have been late.

Even mighty America de-escalates after tensions with Russia. It’s called wisdom.
North Korea provokes South Korea most times but the South always de-escalates tensions knowing that the North hasn’t got anything to lose in the event of war but beautiful South Korea will lose quite a lot.

The worst is our behaviour in other people’s land. Let’s stop all these provocative language, facebook vituperations, cursing and grandstanding.

Chukwu gozierem Ndi Igbo 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋🙋🙋

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