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A Handfew Of Women Were Hired To Protest Against Sen. Utazi Ahead Of 2023 – Aide

By Johnpaul Anih, 14-9-2020

Following the heavy protest held on Monday at the Nsukka Council Headquarters against Sen. Chukwuka Utazi and Hon. Pat. Asadu over non performance by about 280 women, the Personal Assistant to the Senator, Charles Ogbuanya, has described it as “laughable”.

Ogbuanya also faulted the online report that 700 women protested, saying that the 20 women that yielded to the temptation of money to participate in the protest were drafted to the venue after a prayer session that had hundreds of women participants drawn from various communities in the area.

He argued that no woman leader in the area participated in the protest, and women from Uzo Uwani LGA, where the Senator hailed from, unanimously dissociated themselves from the protest.

“Some of the women later confessed that they were given money to bear the placards. The fact that no political office holder in Nsukka Local Goverment or PDP ranking officials came out to receive these ‘protesters’ showed the insignificant nature of the exercise. For a national daily to report that 7000 women participated in the protest is not only outright falsehood but also misleading,” he said.

Ogbuanya​ argued that the scathing attacks against the Senators in recent times were politically motivated by some individuals, who felt threatened by the overwhelming grassroot support enjoyed by Senator across communities in Enugu North.

According to him, the Senator endeared himself to the people of Enugu North Constituency through several life changing projects that transformed the area.

“Senator Utazi does not buy support with money. He is a lawyer, a gentleman that plays politics by the rule. His style of leadership is to use public fund to work for the people. It is not surprising that some people who are not comfortable with his prudence are asking him to drop the Bible. These self seeking individuals want the money in their pockets and resort to name calling and smear campaign because the lawmaker insists on doing things right”.

Ogbuanya said an attempt to tarnish the image of the lawmaker would fall like a pack of cards because several landmark projects in the area bear his name.

He said the Senator wouldn’t engage in any popularity contest with anyone, and would not allow interested fellows seeking political relevance in 2023 elections to distract him from focusing on the delivery of democratic dividends to the people of his Constituency.

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