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Breaking: Hon. Simon Ede Defects to YPP, Recounts His Experience with APC

Hon. Simon Ede

By Johnpaul Anih, 2-9-2020

After due consultation with my family, friends, associates, colleagues and political allies, I have decided to dump the All Progressives Congress, APC for the following reasons;

  • APC in the eyes of an average Southeasterner represents oppression, killings, hardship, maladministration and backwardness, and as such not a marketable platform and not acceptable for any public service to the State.
  • APC Enugu State is nothing but an appendage of PDP in the State as majority of the party Leaders and stakeholders are under the payroll of PDP led State Government and their personal expenses are being bankrolled by the State.
  • Enugu APC is nothing but an Association of political Constars instead of “All Progressives Congress” populated by leaders who are using the party as shield from prosecution and who are not interested in supporting the party and winning election but scamming unsuspecting victims and using same as lunch pad for getting Federal appointments based on federal character principle.
  • The recent killing of Innocent and unarmed Enugu citizens by the combined Security Agencies is another setback on the side of the party as its members are seen as agents of oppression.
  • The endless and self induced leadership crisis in
    APC Enugu State Chapter.
  • The non committment of leaders and stakeholders of the party to the cause of genuine APC members in the State.
  • The mercantile mentality of APC party members in Enugu State, where their committment lies with money, the interest of the party notwithstanding.
  • A party that its appointees from the State are more interested in dissolving the State Party Executive than working to unite all shades of opinion and Interests.

A party that is in arrears of Office rent despite having about 25 of its members as Federal appointees expect for the generous donation of Three Million Naira (3,000,000) by a Minister from Ebonyi State. Sadly enough, they were happy to announce it.

  • In view of the above and the exigencies of the moment, I have resolved to pitch my tent with the Young Progressive Party, YPP through which I hope to seek the mandate of Isi-Uzo electorates to represent them in Enugu State House Assembly as INEC is set to conduct Bye-election on 31st October, 2020 to fill the vacuum in Isi-Uzo State Assembly Constituency. I therefore enjoin my friends, associates, political allies and all those who believe in the democratic dictates, to come out enmass to support me in my new platform.

We can not look the other way and allow Isi-Uzo Position become political inheritance instead of allowing the electorates the right to choose their representatives themselves as democracy predisposes.

Our Party system is not ideologically based because of our defective electoral law and the vested Interests of the political elites. Therefore, political party in Nigeria is nothing than a vehicle that will take one to his political destination, as such, my journey in APC was a journey full of experience but far from reaching my destination, hence my resolve to identify with the most Progressive, youth oriented political platform, The Young Progressives Party, the newest and most beautiful bride of a party that have always chosen the best as its Flag bearers. The profile of its Presidential Candidate for the 2019 general election, Dr. Kingsley Moghalu speaks volume of what the party represents.

The Victory of Senator Ifeanyi Uba under the platform in 2019 election is an evidence that the party is on the part of progress.

Moreso, the National leadership under Bishop Amakiri, is the most trusted and reliable leadership, so is the Enugu State leadership under Engr. Tony Udeani.

It is out of this and my personal conviction that we can only make change in the society if we do things differently, for it is foolhardy to act the same way and expect a different result.

For those who may feel differently because of my decision, please bear with me for it’s said that “HE WHO WEARS THE SHOE KNOWS WHERE IT PINCHES”

Of truth, my experience in the APC is a very hard and difficult one ridden with sabotage and betrayal by those I consider leaders of the party, though difficult as it were but the lessons are for the better and having the courage to move on, lies in my determination for a better tomorrow.

I will not conclude without saying a big thank you to Hon. Ejike Eze, Commissioner, National Population for all his supports to me while i remained in APC, He is a good brother. Also my special appreciation to Mr. Osita Okechukwu, he is indeed a man with the heart of gold, his empathy is matchless.
I also appreciate His Excellency, Prince Chikwado Chukwunta, he is a good man. To my Chairman, Engr. Titus Nnamani, thanks for your cooperation and support.

To my colleagues, former APC House Assembly Candidates in 2019, thanks for your solidarity. To all my supporters, thank you for believing in me.

Beyond politics and party affiliation, friendship is more inviolable and we can build on that.

I want to conclude with the words of Winston Churchill “if you ask about my MISSION, I will tell you to wage war, if you ask me about my GOAL, I will tell you Victory, victory inspite of all terror and betrayal, victory however hard and long the road may be , for without victory, there will be no survival”

With your support, Victory is possible and achieveable.
Together, we can.

Thank you.

Hon. Simon Ede .

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