Johnpaul Anih is a product of God’s grace – Anthony Mbah affirmed

Indeed you are a product of God’s Grace.

Happy Birthday Comr. Johnpaul Anih a.k.a (AKPAKA).

Meeting you on this platform is awesomely serendipitous and I’m deliriously enthusiastic about the strong ligament of companionship actuated. I have always loved to mingle with scholars of the highest learning milieu experience. Fortuitously, you are found in this taxonomy, hence the reason we all turned brothers in Christ..

You’re a man of stern moral fibre. You’re unpretentious, dexterous, gregarious, indefatigable, charitable, irrepressible, mild and kind.

You have always wished joy would intoxicate both the rich and poor. You wish to be the coconut tree with interlacing leaves giving protection from the sun. This I deduced from the magnanimous gestures you often display on this functional dais.

Out of your love for humanity and quest for a peaceful society, you made yourself available to the service of God and humanity. May you continue to run the course healthy and hearty.

In this clamorous moment of epidemic brouhaha where it seems the world is immured in economic topsy-turvydom, you shall swim in the pool of financial buoyancy. You shall outshine above your contemporaries.

Live long like Methuselah!


~ Mbah Anthony C. (Emeritus SSG, Voice of Angel’s Choir, Uwani Enugu)

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