2023: Perish Biafra Ideology for Igbo Presidency To Come – Udeogaranya

Chief Charles Udeogaranya, an aspirant for the 2023 presidential election, has urged every separatist groups in Igbo land to die off the Biafra ideology and work towards rebuilding Nigeria with 2023 Presidency.

The All Progressives Congress presidential aspirant in 2019, also stressed further that Ndigbo are better off in a prosperous Nigeria than in a separatist state, adding that all other regions have not met the Nigerian dream when saddled with Nigeria’s Presidency, but Ndigbo will wipe the tears off the face of every Nigerian and rebuild Nigeria into a nation to be proud of.

Udeogaranya in his words, “the antecedents of Ndigbo are there for all to see. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was a great example.

“When Zik of Africa took the responsibility to achieve independence for Nigeria and Africa from the colonial rule, he achieved them without bloodletting and on a silver platter.

“Though I am a Zikist, a Nigerian President of Igbo ancestry will ensure that all Nigerians are given equal opportunity, privilege and incentives to succeed in all endeavors of life; knowing that success of any Nigerian is a success to Nigeria.

“Today, petroleum belonged to the past and new ways and means of survival are high priorities if Nigeria must pull herself out from penury and poverty. “The longer we delay Igbo presidency, the longer we delay a better Nigeria for all Nigeria.

“Let me also stress this: Yoruba, Fulani, Hausa are good and wonderful people, as well as Ndigbo and all other Nigerian tribes and ethnic groups.

“The problem is that we have neither been considerate for each other nor shown love and care for other ethnic groups like ours, forgetting that what we sow, we shall also reap,” Udeogaranya added.

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