Ogbete pedestrian bridge, safe for public use – EMOW & I

Ogbete pedestrian bridge has no structural defects, safe for public use on completion, says Enugu MoW&I

…Explains there are no cracks but a designed construction joint at mid span pier

The Enugu State Ministry of Works and Infrastructure has reacted to what it described as “a mischievous and false graphic illustration of crack” on the ongoing Pedestrian Crossing Bridge, at Ogbete Main Market, Enugu, trending on social media.

In a statement, shortly after reassessing the project to re-ascertain its structural integrity following the public outcry over the misleading images on social media, the Ministry maintained that “the bridge structure is intact” stressing the picture showing a crack was misleading and does not represents the true image of the structure.

The Ministry explained that there is no crack on the pedestrian bride but “a designed construction joint at mid span pier which is applicable to other similar bridges”.

According to the Ministry, “there are no structural defects from the stair flights through the landings to the beams, and down through the piers to the foundation”.

It therefore, advised those behind the misleading and false pictures on social media to always seek clarifications from the State Ministry of Works and Infrastructure.

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